I became a licensed therapist in 1998, while simultaneously studying nursing. I have since worked in luxury spas in London and New York City, and maintained a private practice for many years in Austin alongside alternative health practitioners at Austin Health Associates. Working in concert with chiropractors helped me immensely to hone my rehabilitative skills.

In 2004, I attended Ball State University, earning a degree in Landscape Architecture. I have practiced landscape design in many capacities, and still maintain a private residential design business. As of spring 2013, I live on and run a small organic farm, Whirlaway Farm & Garden, where I can be found working the earth when I am not working on bodies. How do the two careers relate? I revel in creating sustainability through attending to all of the disparate parts of things, and striving toward integration and renewal. All things are more than the sum of their parts. I believe in leaving things better off than when I found them.

In 2008 I returned to Austin and settled into life as a spa therapist at the W Hotel & The Four Seasons, where I was consistently the most requested female therapist. Past Tense Bodywork represents my return to private practice, where I feel I can provide the type of customized, thoughtful work that is not always possible in a luxury spa environment.

I was raised by a massage therapist, and began receiving massage as an infant. I believe that being a second generation therapist has heavily informed my intuitive touch. I also was raised dancing, swimming and running. Between competing in triathlons as an adult, working as a welder and builder, and cubical life as a landscape architect, I can relate to most bodies in some capacity.

I am incredibly grateful to all of my wonderful clients who allow me to do this work and be a part of their lives and their commitments to health and self care. It is a great blessing to love ones work.

So deeply do I love my work, I often wish that I could touch every last person I meet.

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